Our Mission


The Sunrise Beach Federated Church’s mission:

     1) We are committed to the joyous proclamation - in both word and deed - of the Good News of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

     2) We offer ourselves in the regular worship of Almighty God through prayer, hymnody, Bible reading and its interpretation through preaching.

     3) We seek to nurture our community through events of Christian Education.

     4) We embrace our neighbors in benevolent outreach as expression of community support.

  A Federated Church intentionally integrates major denomination practices and doctrine and does not answer to any one denomination.  The church business is conducted by a board of six members plus a chairman, three elected every year for a two year term and the chairman elected annually for a one year term. 

  A very important point in the membership of a Federated Church is that no one needs to “give up” his membership in his own denominational church.  One can maintain his ties to his own denomination and additionally be a full member of the Sunrise Beach Federated Church.  This is a unique relationship and one that most members find satisfactory in meeting their own spiritual needs.

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